Olhausen Online.com is owned and operated by William “Willie” Olhausen Jr, son of Butch Olhausen (William Olhausen Sr) who co-founded Olhausen Billiards in the early 1970’s with his brother Donny. Willie had grown up coming into work with his father when the factory and showroom were in the same location in Kearny Mesa on Ostrow St. 

When the factory moved to their new building in the Poway business park the showroom stayed in Kearny Mesa just moving one block over onto Convoy St.

Willie continued going into work with his dad until he started at Poway high school in 1993 and would go and help at the factory after school, weekends and holidays to help out during the busy season so he could learn every aspect of the business.

He first started out being bounced around filling in where he was needed and if it was slow he was given a broom to sweep and cleanup.
He spent his summers working in every department learning how tables were made from start to finish.

After learning the back of the factory he moved up to the front office working with AutoCad helping put all of the pool tables parts into the system then moved up to the customer service department learning all of the Olhausen dealers names across the country, taking their orders and entering their orders into the system for production.

He had worked at the factory from 1993 when he started High School until the factory was moved to Tennessee in 2006. Willie made the decision to stay in San Diego and to learn the retail side of Olhausen and started working in the store that was still in Kearny Mesa called “Olhausen GameRooms. That was where he would learn how the tables were sold, prepared for delivery and put together in the customers home.

Willie worked on the service crew for a few years being trained how to level the tables three piece slate, wax the seams so the ball rolls straight and smooth and how to install the cloth so it was extremely tight with no puckers or wrinkles.
It all had to be done professionally and look amazing when it was all done, after all “it was his name that was on the table”. 
After a few years learning how to install, recover, move and service all different the different types of tables Olhausen made he moved up to Northern San Diego to run Olhausen Gamerooms second store in San Marcos, CA.

He ran that store until the economy took its toll and that store had to shutdown and the retail store had to go back to its one store in Kearny Mesa. In 2012 Willie saw the opportunity to sell all of the game room accessories and replacement parts for Olhausen tables online and that is when Olhausen Online was created.

Willie built the website and took a lot of the product photos himself. He is still working on the website and is getting ready to launch a new and updated website that is easier to navigate and buy products. Willie's uncle and cousins all still run and work at the factory in Tennessee. Willie is not directly affiliated with Olhausen Billiards MFG in Tennessee.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please send an email to info@olhausenonline.com